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The Rogue Redwood Area has gone through a series of name changes. Originally, this geographic area was part of the Southern Oregon Area of Narcotics Anonymous (SOANA) that also included Medford and Ashland. Due to growth in the local NA Fellowship, SOANA split into two areas and this geographic area became the Southern Oregon Siskiyou Area. In Jamuary of 2007, the name was changed again to better reflect the geographic area it represents. Although there are now organizational boundaries between RRANA and SOANA, there are still emotional ties and a strong spirit of unity between these two areas. In fact, there are several NA events and activities that these areas jointly organize each year. Here is a link to the Southern Oregon Area of Narcotics Anonymous website.

RRANA was previously part of the Pacific Northwest Region of Narcotics Anonymous. That region included Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, and part of Northern California. Through the growth of the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, the Pacific Northwest Region was divided into several regions more than 15 years ago.

Although the Pacific Northwest Region no longer exists, there is still a convention hosted every year at various locations within the original geographic region. PNWCNA is the oldest regional convention held in Narcotics Anonymous. In fact, PNWCNA was the inspiration for several other regional conventions, including the Northern California Convention (NCCNA).

You can find additional info. regarding PNWCNA on the Pacific Cascade Regional Website.

For families who may have a family member in recovery or who want to learn more about recovery: Family members of addicts or people who may have a problem with drugs can receive support through another program called Nar-Anon. You can contact Nar-Anon at: Nar-Anon/a>.

This information is supplied in a spirit of cooperation and not endorsement.

Many persons, both inside and outside the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, have misconceptions about the program and the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. NA World Services and The World Services Board of Directors have spent much time and resources addressing some of these issues by publishing various bulletins. Here is a list of some:

NA World Services Bulletins

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For more information on Narcotics Anonymous, please visit:
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